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The new media offer our children a vast amount of information, many behavioral models, and a new type of social communication.

On the one hand, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp open them to new horizons for personal and social development. On the other hand, they expose them to a reality which is more complex than ever before, blurring the boundaries between private and public, intimate and sharing, and adjustment to the norms and autonomous choice. However, these new opportunities are accompanied by new risks that we have never experienced before


  • How do we empower children and their ability to cope?

  • How do we create openness and sharing that will make them listen to us?

  • How can we support them in dealing with the complex reality that characterizes our age?        

Dr. Zilka Cohen's research on the "Children of the Screens" - exposing children in the age of social networks to Reality Programs and many years of ground work with parents and children, mentors and educators, led her to the formulation of an innovative approach to work with kids in our age. Consequently,  two books were published, one for parents and other educators and mentors, in which she presents in a clear and structured method - the way to work with children. The approach will enable us to help our children, empower them and ourselves, as parents and significant adults, to successfully deal with the new reality.



The Elements Way - Dr. Gila Cohen Zilka

The way to empower Parents, Educators, Mentors and Children, in the Social Media Age

Enjoying the Social Networks benefits while reducing the risks

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Dr.    Gila Cohen Zilka    |   Tel :  972-52-8355905

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